This is the Prototype of a game we made during City College Plymouth's second Game Jam.

The Premise is to survive as long as possible orbiting the black hole, dodging incoming asteroids, and collect data by being positioned within the green ring.

Please understand that this is just a prototype, and all aspects of the game may change through the games development.


Developer personal bests: Henri - Daryl

To control your ship, you can use one of two input methods:

Mouse: The player's ship points at the mouse, and left click is used to fire your engines

Xbox 360 controller: Left stick controls the direction of the ship, and the 'A' button i used to fire your engines, 'Y' restarts the level.

We intend to progress further with this game, with ideas of a level-based mode, instead of the endless style mode we have at the moment.

Feedback on how the game currently is would be much appreciated :)


Twitter/s: @PixelHammerGame @Dazzumbledor

Created by: Henri de Rochefort-Nash & Daryl Jones